We guarantee 100%

The reputation of Restaurant Beverage Service has been built on the level of service we provide. 
  We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

We take service to our customers very seriously and strive to exceed industry guidelines on maintenance requirements. Ninety-nine percent of all customer service calls are resolved within 24 hours, and most the same day. In addition to routine equipment maintenance, we complete a written quality assurance review each month and provide ongoing employee training in an attempt to prevent equipment issues and downtime.  You, your managers and staff will be impressed by our truly outstanding beverage service.

Included in your program and completely free of charge, is everything necessary to brew and dispense high quality, coffee, hot tea, and iced tea, including brewing equipment and water filtration systems. Restaurant Beverage Service also provides routine equipment maintenance, written quality assurance reviews, inventory control, promotional materials, and ongoing employee training -all to ensure the best quality products for you and your customers. Try a “no-obligation” trial period with no long-term commitment ever.

Unlike our competitors…the key to our program is OUR REPUTATION

  1. 1 Brewing & Dispensing System Analysis - free loaned Brewing & Dispensing equipment to meet any need. We will help make you more efficient, eliminate product waste, and save you money!
  2. 2 Free water filtration = Highest beverage quality! 
  3. 3 Staff Training - RBS provides training to your staff so they know how to use and maintain the equipment and can educate your customers about the products you serve - increasing SALES and the check average. RBS has you covered in all areas.
  1. 4 Labeling and Tools Specially designed cleaning procedure labels, maintenance procedure forms, brushes and chemicals.
  2. 5 Quality Assurance & Preventive Maintenance Our service people follow a detailed and comprehensive check list covering sanitation and maintenance issues for all of the equipment at least bi-monthly. A copy of this report is left with you or your manager. For multi-location businesses RBS can summarize these reports and send copies to your corporate office. No part of the RBS program is as critical for guaranteeing consistently superior brewed beverages.
  3. 6 In-House Service Techs - Available everyday including weekends and holidays.
A Pleasure to Serve Since 1991

Core Values: Honesty, Quality, Loyalty, Teamwork and “Do the Right Thing” 
Beverages are our only business and our PASSION! Unlike our competitors,
the key to our program is OUR REPUTATION and UNMATCHED SERVICE.
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