Amp up your day
with our Espresso Service!

Providing the finest specialty Coffee Service products...
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Restaurant Beverage’s South Florida Coffee Service can meet your Espresso needs, using only the finest Espresso products and a variety of equipment.
Amp up your day with our Espresso Service.

What is Espresso?

Espresso is an Italian method which deeply extracts the essence of coffee under
pressure and is served in distinctive cups. Espresso brewing has the power to extract
the spirit of coffee. Its aroma, its velvet texture, its vigorous taste and incomparable
aftertaste, and the crema are unique elements in Espresso. Espresso has become the
most respected and widely consumed coffee beverage in the world because it makes
life far more pleasant.

RBS Espresso Programs include:

  • Espresso Machines – Our Espresso Service can provide Commercial Espresso Machines to cater to any size Restaurant, Hotel or Club.
  • Espresso Coffee – A variety of roast profiles and price points are available from our suppliers in whole bean or pods.
  • Training – We will educate your staff about Espresso, how to prepare Espresso based drinks and how to use and maintain the equipment properly to ensure consistent quality.
  • Point of Sale – Marketing materials are available to maximize Espresso revenue.
  • Espresso Supplies – RBS carries all of the condiments, cleaning supplies and can source cups to complete your program.

Our Espresso Brands include many blends & roast profiles:

  • Lavazza - Roasted in Italy, one of the finest Espressos in the world; available in two roast profiles plus decaf – whole bean or pods. We also offer the “Lavazza Blue” program of Espresso for their proprietary equipment that makes preparation fast, easy and consistent.
  • Café Don Pablo - Fresh locally roasted 100% Arabica Espresso in whole bean.
  • Café Bel e’tage - Premium pods from illy Switzerland, AG is our most popular Espresso pod.
  • Miscela D'Oro Espresso Coffee - from Sicily, whole bean, a superior blend in pods, the only Organic pod available in S. Florida. 
  • Java Mist – RBS' proprietary coffee is roasted fresh daily here in South Florida available in whole bean only.
  • Latitude 23.5 - Several whole bean Espresso blends including Organic.
  • Per'La Specialty Roasters -  Roasted to order and delivery in 48 hrs. Whole Bean blends for Espresso including Organic and custom blends.
  • Puro - Whole bean, capsules and pods available sourced from Fairtrade co-operatives with rainforest alliance certification.

Dimensions of Espresso
  1. 1 The Espresso Cups – Espresso and Cappuccino cups are unique and represent the first dimension with which the consumer comes into contact.

  1. 2 The crema – The second dimension is the vigorous “Crema”, the outstanding feature of the brewing method, evidenced by the thick golden-brown “cream” floating on top of the coffee itself.

  1. 3 The aroma and flavor – The third dimension is the mingling of flavors and aromas that can be discovered each time we drink a good Espresso with 130 aromatic oils and 3% natural sugars releasing a tremendous flavor burst.
  1. 4 The temperature of the liquid protected by the crema: Espresso should be pleasantly warm to hot.

  1. 5 The final dimension is the aftertaste. A smooth sensation that can linger in the mouth for a minute or more. The residue oils left in the cup continue to exude pleasant, sweet aromas.

  1. Please call for a presentation on our Espresso services at 1-800-458-4395 or fill out our email form on the contact page. You can get specific information about our Espresso services and pricing on many great product lines… All guaranteed to satisfy you, your guests and staff.
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