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Restaurant Beverage’s South Florida Coffee Service provides only the finest Coffee blends to help bring you more customers and, more importantly, bring them back again and again.

A bad cup of coffee at the end of a meal can spoil a wonderful experience. The Coffee Service we provide guarantees our products and service will be consistently superior to our competition. We have listed some of our Coffee Brands and Coffee Service products. You can call us at 800-458-4395 or email us from the contact page on our web site. A qualified South Florida Coffee Service representative will be happy to help you.

Specialty Coffee

Restaurant Beverage's South Florida Coffee Service offers over 25 different coffee
roast blends from some of the finest coffee roasters in the industry. From light to
dark, regular to decaf, organic to Fair Trade and pre-ground to whole bean, our
South Florida coffee service can satisfy any need and budget.

Coffee Service Brands

New England Coffee - RBS is the exclusive Foodservice distributor for this third generation family owned, 100 year old, roaster out of Malden, Massachusetts with dozens of roast profiles. NEC is one of the largest roasters in the eastern United States at over 40 million pounds each year. One of the original roasters for Dunkin Donuts currently supplying 10 million pounds annually. (

Café Don Pablo  - Roasted to order, this Artisan Roaster can boast true bean to cup perfection with family owned coffee plantations in Colombia and direct contacts with other coffee growers in Central and South America.  Fresh crop coffee beans are roasted locally at their North Miami Beach facility.  RBS, their exclusive Foodservice distributor, can deliver the freshest, smoothest coffee you have ever tasted. (

Java Mist - RBS proprietary coffee line packaged here in Miami, roasted daily in a state of the art roasting plant. 100% Arabica, available in many roast profiles, varietals, organics and custom blends.

Per'La Specialty Roasters - RBS is the exclusive Food Service distributor for Per'La Specialty Roasters. With a guarantee 48 hrs delivery from roasting to customer. The Mission at Per’La Specialty Roasters is to introduce the world to the inherently beautiful, natural flavors found in coffee through they meticulous sourcing and roasting process.  

Lavazza“Italy’s Favorite Coffee”, this gourmet Italian coffee is one of the finest on the planet. Available in whole bean or fraction pack with a variety of promotional materials.

Latitude 23.5Based in Sarasota, this artisan roaster produces an extremely wide variety of blends on a roast to order basis. They also boast the only certified organic roasting facility in the state of Florida.  RBS represents their superior products in South Florida. (

Miscela D'Oro - The Urbano family business began operating in 1946 in Sicily.  Their meticulous selection of the very best green coffee and artisan roasting philosophy guarantees delicious brewed coffee in every cup.  Cups and other promotional items are available from RBS

">Puro - Sourced from Fairtrade co-operatives who bring together hundreds of smallholder farmers. They share their knowledge and dedication for growing coffee under the shade of native trees, in harmony with the environment. They talk passionately about their coffee, their farms, their families, and their way of life. We retell their stories through Puro.

  • Coffee Service Syrups

    Representing the finest manufacturer of syrups in the USA, Monin Gourmet Flavorings is widely recognized for their quality and variety of Syrups, Sauces, Purees and Fruit Smoothies.

    • Over 100 different flavors – also sugar free
    • Heavy Syrups – Caramel, Chocolate, White Chocolate
    • Purees & Smoothies - Strawberry, Mango, Passion Fruit, Berry Blend and others

  • Coffee Service Condiments

    RBS can provide you with all of the sweeteners in a packets or sticks.  We have creamers, stirrers, racks for condiments or syrups, crystallized sugar sticks and any other item needed for a complete coffee service.

    • Sugar Packets
    • Sugar substitutes – blue (Nutrasweet), pink (saccharin) & yellow (Splenda)
    • "Sugart” Sugar Sticks – beautiful designs including “Havana Gold” raw sugar
    • Custom Sugar Sticks  (RBS can put your logo on custom sugar sticks)
    • Sugar and Creamer canisters
    • Rock Candy sticks

  • Coffee Equipment

    Representing many manufacturers of brewing equipment and all types of systems including:

    • Bunn
    • Curtis
    • Newco
    • Satellite systems
    • Thermal systems
    • Glass pots, pump pots, gravity pour
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